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blog 2Hey everyone! I’m Shelby; a foodie, certified personal trainer,  and fitness enthusiast. Fitness, and the sport of bodybuilding have truly changed my life completely, and I strive to inspire others to live a healthier, and happier life as well. Whether it be going for a simple walk each day, making a few healthy snack swaps, or going full force into a total transformation, I want to help you. It’s always scary trying something new, but having accountability can make it a little bit easier!

Maybe you struggle from anxiety or depression, and simply need an outlet? I struggle from anxiety every single day and one thing that has helped tremendously is physical activity, and simply getting up and moving my body. Yes, fitness changed me physically, but the mental transformation is even greater. The gym is my outlet, my “me time”, and a time of the day where I am truly focusing on bettering myself. You deserve to give yourself that time too. Don’t pile up your excuses, and don’t let outside factors determine your health and happiness. Shoot me an email to get started today!

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